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Bat Guano

It's easy to tell the difference between bat droppings and mouse droppings. Bat Guano tends to be clustered as they will pile up below where the bat is roosting. Bat droppings will also have a shiny speckled appearance (from insect wings that they eat). Bat Guano will crumble like dust when touched. In contrast, mouse droppings tend to be scattered and becomes hard when dry.

Caution:  Don't breathe the feces and avoid contact. Bat Guano can carry a fungus (Histoplasma) known to cause Histoplasmosis, which is an infection caused by the fungus.


The professionals at Advanced Abatement have the equipment and expertise to safely remove Bat Guano from your home or place of business.

Bat Guano Removal

Accumulation of bat guano can have a negative impact on the indoor environment, pose certain health risks, and provide a food source for the other pests and facilitate fungal growth. In many cases, bat guano carries Histoplasma Capsulatum which is a potentially harmful fungi species.

Personal protection equipment and state of the art hazmat removal techniques should be used to reduce airborne contaminates.

Let our staff of trained hazmat professionals assist you on managing bat removal, waste cleanup, disinfecting contamination and restoring insulating materials.


Advanced Abatement Services

provides FREE consultations:

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